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Executive Portraits

I don’t have to tell you that first impressions are key to success in business so why wait to update your portrait? An up to date professional portrait has the mark of a successful professional, validates your business, and if done properly makes you look fantastic!!!

Isn’t that  what you wait? To look great and professional, capable, friendly and  powerful all in the same image? We can do that, come on you know you want one.  All it takes is a phone call to find out how we will make you look successful and lead clients to your door. Because her images will work with your advertising not as a after thought fit into your marketing, but making your marketing work for you.

Call today 850-385-3275 (no cost or obligation) to chat with us to find out how we can help you, to look better than you have never looked!!

Jo Shoupe is a wonderful photographer and person. She captures the emotions and beauty of our children and family over the years. I value the relationship she has established with our family and look forward to the future. Thank you
–Mignon Emenike, MD. – Tallahassee, Fl.–

I really enjoyed my experience at Jo Shoupe Studio. I am a local recording artist that needed the right professional look for my latest CD cover, I went to the studio at my appointed time and sat down in a very comfortable atmosphere and described exactly what I wanted. Jo made it happen for me. If you are looking for a professional, personal family or single portrait, Jo Shoupe Studio is the place to be. The studio can meet your business or personal needs. Thanks,
Monique Potter-Crawfordville,Fl.–

“Working with Jo to update my professional portrait was a pleasure! She has an excellent eye for details and did a great job helping me pinpoint the look and image I wanted to portray. Being a business owner in a competitive industry, it is important to have a professional shot that represents professionalism, confidence, competence, and credibility. I am very pleased with the portrait and highly recommend Jo to my colleagues, family and friends.”
–Warren A. Emo, AIA President  – EMO/ARCHITECTS, INC.–

I was afraid to upgrade my business photo at 60 years of age. I thought I would look old and stiff. But Jo put me at ease and walked me through a variety of poses that I never would have imagined. She worked her magic and created a montage of pictures that she had so expertly photo-shopped, that you couldn’t tell she had done anything to them. She was so professional and patient as she helped me choose the best of the pictures. I like them better than my older pictures from younger years. My friends and family say her pictures brought out the real me.
–Leah Henderson PhD, LD/N–Take Care Nutrition Consulting, LLC–

Jo, your attention to every detail; perfect lightning, beautiful staging for the subject, and persistence in getting the pose which flatters the most, make every photograph a one of a kind treasure. You always go the extra mile to make each photograph a masterpiece. –Patsy Eccles -Tallahassee, Fl.–

I was very comfortable & relaxed during my photo session &with Jo. The environment & studio was very comfortable which made for a better photograph. I usually don’t like having my photo taken, but I enjoyed the setting and Jo and having my photo taken this time. Many Thanks, – Jean Murphy MD.- Tallahassee, Fl. –

Jo Shoupe is an amazing photographer! Whether it is a family, themed or professional session, she is able to capture the essence of who you are while making you look marvelous. Jo is very professional and friendly and provides great advice before, during and after your photo session. She is a creative artist with a great eye for style, composition and messaging when setting up and staging your photography. I highly recommend Jo Shoupe for all your photographic needs
– Laura Reeves- Common Sense Practice–

I am very pleased to highly recommend Jo and Jo Shoupe Photography for your family and professional photos. She is my go–to expert when anyone I know needs a great head-shot or an important event covered.  As flexible and pleasant to work with, as she is skilled at her craft, I consider her a true artist who has a fine eye for detail. She loves, lives and breathes this work and it is obvious in the images she captures. She won’t let a picture out of the studio without it being the best representation of her subject it can possibly be. So free up some time to work with her and the proofs, it will be well worth your while. I know her personally and professionally and appreciate her continuing education to master the newest or best technique, I know how much she loves working with young people and photographing “her” babies and “her” dancers. Jo is your photographer through all phases of your life and career and I’m glad I can entrust my difficult-to-photograph self to her special touch”
–Deanna A. Mims, owner, MarketDone-Tallahassee, Fl.–

Dear Jo:
Ruth and I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience we had doing the photography session with you.  You made us feel very welcome and comfortable at your studio.  We had a really good time and you were so helpful with the pre-photo session, the session itself, and the selection process with the pictures for “Pants on Easy.”  Your patience and professional knowledge when working with me made the session a lot of fun.  We are so happy we had the opportunity to have you do the session.  
 I wouldn’t think of anyone else doing another shoot for me, now that we know you.  I am preparing the redesign of my web site to have the photo’s put on it.  I’m so excited about how professional it’s going to look. Again, thank you for everything. Sincerely
–Jim Longhurst-Tallahassee, Fl.–

Jo Shoupe is a consummate Professional. I hired Jo to shoot my professional head shots for business purposes. I usually dread marathon photo shots with photographers who place me in cold environments and give me five different instructions at one time. Jo’s studio is warm and inviting. She patiently worked with me to get just the right shots to make my professional appearance exactly what I need for business. Jo’s work is polished, finished and complete. When I went back to the studio to view the photos, I was amazed at how fabulous they looked due to her hard work. When I receive a compliment on my photos, I am proud to say Jo Shoupe is my photographer.
–Christy Crump, President- Crump & Associates, LLC–

I needed a professional head shot taken for our BPW/Tallahassee website
and my new business cards after I was elected President for 2011 – 2012.
I knew Jo was the perfect photographer to capture that professional look
I needed.  I decided to bring along my best friend of 20+ years for
moral support and to have our picture taken together as a keepsake.  Jo
took several candid and spontaneous shots of us and each picture was
truly worth 1000 words.  Working with Jo and having those pictures was
the best decision and will create lifetime memories for both of us.
–Marcy Collins and Laura Williams-Tallahassee.Fl.–

What a joy it was to work with Jo on my professional and black book portraits!  She spoke with me ahead of time to find out what impression I wanted to convey for my images and put me at ease regarding the process.  While I am not fond of the photo shoot process, Jo put me right at ease and gracefully incorporated the help of my friend in make-up and lighting so it turned into a laugh fest.  I think she captured the image I wanted to portray and I love the results, plus I’ve received many compliments from friends and family.  Jo is not just a photographer, she is an artist and she has helped me feel like a work of art as well. With a grateful heart!
– Liz Aperauch-Tallahassee.Fl.–

Having my face on my business card has been a productive business move for me. My patients have told me that they chose me because of my sincere and kind face. Over the years Jo’s work has brought many patients to me. This year I decided it was time for an update photo, and I am praised daily for Jo’s work. Jo knows exactly how to bring out the very best “Business” you!
–Patricia Gritta-DC-Tallahassee, Fl.–

Jo has been an exceptional photographer for my family and me. She initially did photos of my shy little three-year old daughter for her first ballet recital and she figured out how to make her blossom for the camera. The photos were so beautiful I continued to go to Jo for our family portraits and my professional photos. I know I can trust Jo to get the right images. Thank you Jo! 
– Janna Cox- President – Phoenix Painting & Design-Tallahassee, Fl.–

Call today 850-385-3275 (no cost or obligation) to chat with us to find out how we can help you, to look better than you have never looked!! 

Thank you taking the time visit my web site. I look forward to creating wonderful professional images of you to assist your business marketing.

Sincerly, Jo